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Creative Style

the creative engagement rings and wedding rings from acredo are multicoloured, cheerful and absolutely individual.

Draw from an incomparable repertoire of details and design your personal love symbols. From the combination of different surfaces, different colours, garnished with diamonds, unique rings are guaranteed to emerge fitting your life, your love and your style.

Discover your inner artist and get started.

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Creative Wedding Rings - 100% unique

When choosing wedding rings, creative bridal couples are individual, value their own distinctive style and also prefer a design that not everyone has. Imaginative people love to design, to shape. That's why they also love acredo's wedding rings - they are absolutely individual thanks to numerous design options.

Creative possibilities

From the choice and division of colours, to ring grooves and stone settings, and not least by engraving their personal love messages, there are no limits to their creativity. With the acredo wedding ring configurator, you have the opportunity to create your own in order to express your individual style.
Creative types tend towards unusual alloys and colour combinations, such as subtle grey and white with a red gold accent or carbon accent. With the design of the surface ranging from matt to polished to hammered, they create an exciting structure and thus effect of the creative wedding rings. The ring dream of creative couples is crowned by expressive details such as unusual settings, joints or special stone settings, often with coloured diamonds.

Creative engravings

The special something of the personal vow of love must of course not be missing - the engraving. Let your creativity run free and immortalise your own handwriting, small drawings or even your fingerprint.
An unusual creative trend can be seen in the increasing engravings of love messages on the outside of the rings. Admittedly a beautiful idea not to hide the personal details on the inside, but to confidently make them visible for all to see.

Creative engagement rings

Engagement rings that follow the creative trend of being striking and unusual can be found in our "Charisma" collection.
Diamonds in different shapes with fancy settings crown the rings. The charm of these engagement rings is enhanced by a stone setting on the side or special joints. Engagement rings with attachment settings have the same ring rail as wedding rings. Therefore, not only do they have the same quality, but they also fit perfectly to the wedding ring. In an individual ring set, also in combination with an eternity ring, they cut a particularly good figure.