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Wedding rings for same-sex couples

Man and man, man and woman, woman and woman, love is diverse. We manufacture the matching wedding rings for all couples with perfection and precision.

Under the collection name Diversity you will find wedding rings, wedding bands or partner rings for same-sex couples. Be inspired by our wedding rings or wedding bands for men couples and women couples.

Wedding rings with the rainbow - symbol for your identity and love.

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Be mine! - These wedding rings are worn by same-sex couples

Can there be a more beautiful symbol for your love? Not only to hetero couples the wedding ring says : "I belong to you!". Of course, the wedding ring stands for a lifelong promise for both male and female couples. It holds one of the most beautiful moments together forever. But what does the perfect wedding ring for gay couples look like? One thing is certain: whether it's a man's or a woman's ring, the wedding jewellery should accompany you forever - so the material and design simply have to be right.

Wedding rings for men and women: these are the trends

The wedding ring or wedding band - also for same-sex couples - symbolises infinity, eternal love. That is why high-quality materials and a sophisticated design are essential. Simple-elegant or exciting-cool? What is beautiful is what pleases and suits you. But the love symbols of gay couples are also subject to current trends. Especially popular at the moment: platinum rings for men's couples and for the ladies: Wedding rings in rose gold. Refinements with pearl grooves, diamonds, coloured gemstones or mix & match - in our ring collection for gay and lesbian couples we present an exquisite selection to you. Whatever style is yours, acredo has a variety of the most beautiful wedding rings, or wedding bands for male couples or fairytale princesses. Perfectly shaped wedding jewellery - because it's all about strong emotions. You will also find plenty of inspiration for rings for love in the acredo wedding ring configurator.

Delightfully casual wedding rings for male couples

Rainbow weddings are something very special. And so wedding rings for him & him are a distinctive confession - because homosexual couples in particular write their personal love story. The wedding ring for male couples is usually made of platinum or gold. Some male couples also dare to use the precious metal rose gold. If you don't yet have an exact idea of which metal colour is your favourite, browse through the DIVERSITY collection - men will find what they are looking for. There you will find honest, simple wedding jewellery as well as elaborately refined wedding rings with diamonds or a striking mix of materials and patterns. Whether expressive or restrained design, with wedding rings from acredo real feelings meet real values. Take a look at our most beautiful wedding ring creations for same-sex couples and be inspired.

Wedding rings for lesbian couples

Popular wedding rings for female couples: A slender ring made of white or rose gold, set all around with sparkling diamonds. Delicate, almost elfin, the ring with a brilliant-cut diamond band adorns the ring finger of both brides. But multi-coloured wedding rings have also made it to the top of the wedding ring hit list for women couples. The two wedding ring metals white and yellow gold are often combined and set with sparkling diamonds. Unusual variations are also very popular: wedding rings with colourful gemstones. Fine-cut eye-catchers in Apple Green, Canary Yellow or Sapphire Pink set the tone. What must not be missing from the ring of your life: engraving. Whether simple print or romantic script, perhaps even with your own handwriting: With your personal message of love or a special symbol that unites you both, your wedding ring becomes unique. You know that you are made for each other. Express this bond with a wedding ring from the DIVERSITY collection.

The rainbow - the symbol of lesbians and gays.

When a rainbow appears, it is like a colourful gift from heaven. Each colour stands for itself and has a meaning, has a physiological and psychological effect. Thoughts, feelings and moods are influenced by colours: green stands for nature and hope, yellow for sunlight and red for love and life. Especially as the rainbow stands for democracy. The play of colours in the sky shines for everyone and shows the diversity of emotions. Inspired by this, the designer Gilbert Baker created the rainbow flag for the Gay Freedom Day in San Francisco in 1978 - the model for the later Gay Prides all over the world. We too have integrated the meaning of the colours and the symbolic power of the rainbow into our DIVERSITY wedding ring collection and designed beautiful rainbow rings. Colourful diamonds extravagantly set and designed enchant everybody, wearing them.