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White Gold Diamond Jewelry

White gold is timelessly beautiful. That's why it's one of the favourites for elegant diamond jewelry. Discover our extensive white gold jewelry collection.

Due to its neutral silver colour, white gold jewelry can be perfectly combined with other jewelry such as engagement rings or wedding rings.

We present you with the most beautiful pieces of white gold jewelry. A perfect gift for any occasion.

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Create your own White Gold Jewelry with Diamonds

White gold has many fans, because the silver colour is beautiful and easy to combine. At the same time, it is timeless and thus perfectly suited for valuable pieces of jewelry.

Jewelry with tradition

We know white gold jewelry from our mothers and grandmothers. In all generations diamond jewelry in white gold is loved and often proudly passed on. Today, white gold jewelry is modern for the same reasons. It convinces with timelessness and is easy to combine.

Individual design

Start your own tradition and design your own personal piece of white gold jewelry. To do so, browse through the numerous designs in our catalogue and choose the pieces of jewelry you like best. Use the configurator to set whether you prefer white gold 14kt or white gold 18kt. After that, all you have to do, is specify the quality of the diamonds and your piece of white gold jewelry from acredo is ready. This applies to earrings, necklaces with pendants, bracelets and diamond rings in white gold.

Give white gold jewelry as a gift

With jewelry made of white gold you give pleasure, no matter what occasion. The best to start is with the morning gift for the bride. Then followed by many happy wedding anniversaries, birthdays, beautiful memories and special occasions to be captured in form of diamond jewelry in white gold. Wishing you a lot of pleasure.