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Diamond Rings Custom Made in Germany

Your dream is a diamond ring with a small or large diamond in the centre? We present you the most beautiful designs.

And the best about it: every diamond ring design from acredo can be made in different gold colours and settings as well as in platinum.

Find your favourite model and create your individual diamond ring. Let your dream become reality.

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The Diamond Ring - A Dream of many Women

Wearing a diamond ring or solitaire ring on the hand is the dream of many women. The size of the diamond in the centre of the ring depends on the proportions of the fingers or the hand and on the available budget.

That is why we at acredo offer diamond rings with diamonds ranging in size from 0.1ct to 2.0ct. Almost every design is available in this size range of the centre stone. We always have the optimal design of your diamond ring in mind.

Perfectly set

There are different ring designs for each diamond size. Either the diamond is held in the centre by a prong setting or a bezel setting. Especially popular is the setting with 6 prongs, which tightly enclose the central stone of the diamond ring at equal intervals. A very modern look is achieved with the bezel setting, which forms a closed border around the stone. A very romantic variation is a prong setting in the shape of little hearts setting the diamond ring from 4 sides.

The side view

It is always worth taking a look at the side of the diamond ring. Because even settings that look the same from the top can be very individual and different from the side. Some are more playful, some are more massive, sometimes small hearts are incorporated. Depending on this, the overall effect of the diamond ring is different.

Halo diamond rings

The so-called halo diamond rings are in vogue. In this type of diamond ring, a ring of smaller diamonds surrounds the central larger stone. At acredo, the halo can be set in small bezel settings, in pavé or in a channel. Unbeatable are halo rings with a coloured centre stone worn in a stack.

Manufacturing process for diamond rings

The diamond rings in the Solitaire, Cordial and Halo collections are manufactured using a casting process. This allows for a harmonious transition between the ring band and the setting. Diamond rings from the Charisma collection are made up of a wedding ring quality ring band and an add-on setting. These ring bands go through the same manufacturing process as wedding rings and therefore also the same hardening processes.

Discover the many ways to design your personal diamond ring and make your dream come true.