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Eternity Rings and Bands

Eternity rings are favourite pieces for eternity. Each diamond is a memory of a special moment. Eternity rings are also called alliance rings.

Depending on the stone size, the eternity ring is the perfect pre-stake or engagement ring or the alliance ring transforms from an elegant piece of jewellery to a luxurious statement. At acredo you can get eternity rings in single stone sizes from 0.005 to 0.3 ct.

Grow the amount of stones with each wonderful moment or opt for a half or a luxurious full eternity ring.

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Eternity Rings & Bands

An eternity ring captures the value of the moment. Eternity rings - also known as alliance rings - stand for particularly emotional pieces of commemorative jewellery and are regarded as a sign of appreciation of the time spent together with your loved one - ideal also as an engagement and wedding ring.

A diamond band of remembrance - Eternity Rings

They have neither beginning nor end - Eternity Rings are a symbol of eternity and endless love. According to the name, each individual diamond stands for a beautiful experience. The engagement and the wedding, the home, the children or the career jump - your happiness can be crowned wonderfully with a diamond and immortalised in a memoire ring. A distinction is made between two variants of the collection of gemstones: If the arrangement of the stones is limited to the upper part of the ring, new diamonds can always be added. In the course of time, all the beautiful moments can lead to an eternity ring resulting in a full diamond band. However, the ring band can also be completely set all around from the beginning. Alliance rings in this model variation are particularly popular as wedding rings. Another variation is the eternity ring with a band of diamonds on the side. This discreet variation has something mysterious about it, because the radiance of the diamonds is best seen by the wearer herself.

Design variations for Eternity Rings at acredo

The row of equally sized gemstones is what eternity rings have in common. At acredo you have the possibility to create your individual piece of jewellery from a wide range of variations. Tip: Eternity rings can also work very well as a stack ring for your wedding ring.

Choose from different alloys, metal colours and shapes, stone sizes, diamond colours and settings. Alliance rings in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum look particularly beautiful. Very popular is the channel setting. There the diamonds are set between two surrounding precious metal bars. In the bar setting, the gemstone and precious metal alternate on the ring band. Several diamond tracks lying next to each other are called pavé setting - an "invisible" type of setting that looks like a shiny stone carpet.