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Tension Engagement Rings

Seemingly floating, the diamond is held in the tension setting. A tension ring is an engagement ring with character. Hence the name of our collection.

The tension ring is the modern type of engagement ring, inspired by clear, architectural shapes. Form and diamond in balance.

Discover our tension ring suggestions for your engagement ring. From simple to playful, different variations are waiting to be discovered by you. All with high wearing comfort.

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Tension Engagement Rings from acredo

Whether floating lightly or tightly enclosed.

Tension engagement rings exude an indescribable lightness and elegance. This is because the gemstone is placed in an opening of the ring band and thus floats in the centre of the engagement ring. Some people speak of true magic when they see a ring with a tension setting. A tension ring as an engagement ring is therefore also an expression of the power and harmony of your love. Get inspired by our tension ring collection Character and find your personal piece of jewelry at acredo.

####"Play it safe": engagement rings with a tension ring look
Engagement rings with a tension ring look are an exclusive accessory for everyday life in which both partners are firmly in the picture. In engagement rings with a tension ring look, the sparkling diamond is integrated directly into the ring band and is thus firmly enclosed in the precious metal. The engagement ring is protected against wear or loss of the gemstone in case of impact and will remain with you for a lifetime.

Sheltered, but far from shielded - the engagement ring in tension ring optics is a great eye-catcher and sparkles out of the ring rail. Engagement rings in a tension ring look spread lightness and security united in one extraordinary piece of jewelry.

Engagement ring, the tension ring: a symbol of true artistry

The creation of the tension ring in our manufactory requires true skill and ability. The unique setting of the diamond in the middle of the ring band demands true craftsmanship and precision. Our experienced goldsmiths work with enthusiasm to complete this small masterpiece. With the acredo configurator, you can become an artist yourself when designing the tension ring: Set the scene for the large diamond in the centre of the tension ring with the help of smaller, side diamonds on the ring band or create a play of colours from different alloys. No matter where your creativity leads you - the tension ring as an engagement ring is elegant, discreet and an aesthetic alternative to the solitaire at all times.